Flexible Polyurethane Mouldings

These are a new range of traditional profile, soft polyurethane mouldings which provide easy application to those difficult curved cabinets and craft applications. They can be painted or stained just like timber. The sky’s the limit with using a moulding that allows you to curve around almost any surface; columns, curved walls, staircases, cabinet doors, bedheads etc. A variety of profiles from ropes, beadings and even appliqués and onlays are available.

The advantages of Flexible Polyurethane Architectural Mouldings are:

  • they will curve or bend to certain radius
  • provide a substitute to curved applications where timber mouldings simply won’t bend
  • most wiping stains are compatible
  • has the appearance of timber grains when finished
  • moisture proof and pest resistant
  • easy installation using standard woodworking equipment – cut, sand, shape and finish like timber.

The following products are stocked items. Click on individual photographs to enlarge view.


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