Our Products

Designer Lines Interiors have three product groups:

  • Hand Carved Decorative Timber Range
  • Locally made Machined Timber Range
  • Soft Flexible Polyurethane Moulding Range

Hand Carved Decorative Timber Range

Carved from Limewood (also known as Linden) our exclusive designs are based on the enduring architecture of American and European heritage. We have also included some wonderful East Asian carvings which were too beautiful to exclude from our product line.

The carvings are created by Masters who continue China's several thousand year old tradition of exquisite wood artistry. The carving methods employed today were established in the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907), known as China's Golden Age of Art. The wood carving artisans spend a total of seven years in school and an apprenticeship before they are considered for the rank of Master Carver. Apprentices work under the watchful eye of Masters who before them demonstrated the skill, commitment and pride necessary to become artisans.

Limewood is a white to pale yellow timber with a smooth, uniform texture and soft close grain. It is strong and resistant to splitting and is an excellent wood for intricate carvings. It glues well and can be sanded and painted or stained. Our products are made from timber sourced from plantation forests managed under strict guidelines for minimum environmental impact and sustainable harvest. The glue used in laminations is a catalyzed PVA meeting Type 1 Standards and is entirely waterproof although our products are designed and warranted for interior use only.

These beautiful solid wood carvings may be used alone or in combination with other pieces to embellish a variety of architectural or furniture elements. They may be applied to the flat surfaces of doors, door frames, mantels, wall and ceiling panelling, beams, columns, cabinets or mirror frames. Your imagination is the limit to finding new and wonderful uses for these exquisitely carved adornments.

Our range includes:

Corbels & Finials

Appliques & Onlays

Door & Wall Panels

Handcarved Mouldings

Mirror Frames

A number of our designs in this range can be produced in a rigid polyurethane resin. Resin products are particularly useful for moisture prone areas such as kitchens, bathroom and laundries and can be fixed and painted as required.

Machined Timber Range

Proudly manufactured in Australia our range of decorative architrave blocks is available in a variety of timbers and profiles. Timber species available are Pine, Maple/Meranti, Tasmanian Oak, New Guinea Rosewood and Surian Cedar. Click here to see our range.

Soft Flexible Polyurethane Moulding Range

Available in a unique range of traditional profiles, flexible polyurethane mouldings are easily applied to those difficult curved cabinets and craft projects such as columns, cabinet doors, bedheads, tables, furniture, vases etc. The mouldings are available in a variety of profiles from ropes and beadings to onlays and are moisture and insect resistant. They are applied using standard woodworking equipment and can be cut, sanded, shaped and painted or stained just like timber. Click here to see our range.

Installation & Warranty

How to attach:

Our solid wood carvings may be glued and/or nailed to most flat surfaces; however we recommend that you glue these carvings, rather than attach with nails to minimise the risk of damage to the timber. Use quick drying wood glue with high viscosity and tape the piece to the surface it is being applied to while the glue dries. If nailing these carvings you may use a pneumatic nail gun or hand nail; however, it is recommended that you pre-drill the holes where you intend to nail the pieces. With either nailing method, take care to select points of nail placement on the adornment that are least likely to split the wood or damage the carved pattern. The nail holes may be filled with an appropriate filler and touch sanded.


The carvings come without a chemical finish and may be stained, painted or clear finished as with any other wood component. If staining the piece, we recommend test staining the back of the adornment before installing it.


Our products are warranted for the following:

  1. The product is guaranteed to match the quality of artistic craftsmanship displayed in the representative samples or photos of the product.

  2. Glue bonds in laminated pieces are guaranteed not to delaminate under normal conditions, in interior usage, free of excess heat or moisture.

The product warranty extends for one year after final purchase of the product and is limited to replacement of the product. No cash refunds will be extended.

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